The Crafts Gallery 30th Anniversary Exhibition II
The Power of Crafts:Outlook for the 21st Century

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Craft Gallery


My exchanges with clay, glaze, and fired ceramics involve stumbling upon numerous mechanisms. My senses awakened, as I enjoy the new discoveries, I am startled by expression's sudden emergence, as if of its own accord.

Unexpected ideas inspired by such sensations are strangely comfortable things. When explored, I often discover entertaining mechanisms waiting for me in the testing process itself. I discover the mechanism, then further inspiration occurs and is explored. This very progression seems to become a form of expression in and of itself.

The vividness of the world that comes into a different focus with each surprise, the delight of my own actions as I figure out how to respond, that feeling of, "Oh, so that's how things work!"-these are buoyant source of support.

Now, what always sticks in my minds during these processes is what lies in between the sensation that the mechanism's discovery inspires and the delighted consciousness of it. I feel that a secret lies in this moment, too brief to think anything more than "oh?" and impossible to recall clearly. At any rate, sensation always precedes consciousness.
So, for me, the thing, the physical, and the mechanisms they unfurl always come first. The cerebral, the significance, lags one step behind. It is in that gap between sensation and consciousness, that fleeting step, where art lies in wait.